A Blog? Really?

September 2, 2012 § Leave a comment


So this is Me.

And for me, the mention of a “blog” brings on that sinking feeling you get in the bottom of your stomach that is commonly associated with parking tickets and dental visits, followed by a highly sarcastic oh joy. I get that guilty prick in the back of my mind when I think of all the journal attempts I have made over the years – so enthusiastically kept for no more than a week before being relegated to the top draw, and then to the bottom draw, and then to who knows where? This feeling of dread is compounded with the realisation that I am, in the infamous words of my year 12 english teacher, a technological moron. Newly 23 and a tech savvy Gen Y? No, not quite.

But all this is about to change. I am going to embrace the new and navigate this alien space, alias: the world wide web.

I am a full time design student, a children’s entertainer, a nanny, and a pharmacy assistant somehow all rolled into one. I am time poor and try to be constantly moving, but hopefully, this blog can still grow to become a space where I can share what I am working on, my travels, a few thoughts, and things that inspire me.

If you stumble across my blog, firstly I’d be highly surprised as I am still astounded that people actually visit my facebook page on their own accord; but if you do beat the odds and end up here, mostly I hope you can take something away from your visit. I love to share, learn and create – things that are so much more fun with 2.


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