So about that guilty feeling..

October 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yeah so about that – and the 48 day slump, maybe not the best start to my grand venture into blogging; but in my defence I have been very very busy with my latest project – which is now all packed up and ready for its grand unveiling tomorrow (!).

So yes I’ve admittedly neglected my poor blog but I have been thinking about how to tackle this whole blogging thing and I’ve decided I am going to back track. Another little admission, I did already have a blog. But it corrupted awhile ago and I didn’t exactly revive it (best to let it rest in peace I feel), so I am going to pull from there, with a few plus somes and give a little overview of my life till now.. and then onwards and upwards.

As I’ve already said I am a full-time Design student who has a rather busy life; but here is a little expanded bio on me that hopefully will make my most likely out of context posts make a little more sense:

I have just turned 23.

I have one official younger sister and a good 8 unofficial sisters, and similarly an extra 4 unofficial mothers. Yep no wonder i flew the nest early.

I am currently living in Coogee, with my 2 super housemates at an enviable 42 second walk from the beach. I know being a student is tough. But you know not many people would accept the fact they get electrocuted daily from their BBQ or that only 1 of 4 stove plates work.

As of tomorrow I will have just finished my third year of design at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW), with a double major in Graphic and Jewellery design. However, I started in International Studies majoring in Counter-Terrorism with the notion of working for ASIO. That changed to development studies and the UN and NGOs, which changed to design. I am still very passionate about development however I know as a designer I can greater effect change than I could pushing paper – an important job but one I am not quite suited for.

I grew up in the country out at Dubbo, before moving to coastal Newcastle, before taking a gap year in the US and finally moving to Sydney – firstly to college and then to my little home in Coogee.

I love to be outside, I approximate I have spent at least half my childhood in a tent and another good quarter at Western Plains Zoo (the greatest thing Dubbo has to offer).

I live to eat. Being a Coeliac does nothing to dampen that.

Not a fan of the cold.. at all. My perfect temperature range would be 23 – 35 degrees C. Bliss.

In exactly 12 days I will be setting off to Cambodia to volunteer as a teacher for a little over a month. Jul mouy!

And so my final offering for this post is a snapshot I took of Coogee SLSC just as I was moving in November 2010. 2 years on and still just as beautiful.


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