October 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

As a communal Christmas present we decided to venture away from central Europe and take a side trip to Rome. It was at least 10 degrees when we arrived and it felt so warm I even took off my jacket.. at least for a good 5 minutes.

Rome was so beautiful and different but gosh they are insane drivers who love using their horns. What amazed me about Rome was that everything was just so old. Some of the buildings in Sydney are marked with something along the lines of 1847 and you think wow that’s so old! Yeah no, this is old. And it’s all just there not behind museum glass waiting for you to wander through. I got to actually sit in the Sistine Chapel, which is something I will never forget, and I had the greatest hot chocolate in the entire world at a restaurant opposite the Pantheon (on the end next to McDonalds) – so good in fact we went back every single night. 

On another historic note, this is also the place where the last photographic evidence of me eating bread was taken.


Thankfully Rome was a pre-Coeliac experience.


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