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427617_10150662169098459_1238931414_nAn offering at a Wat in Vientiane

419568_10150662170528459_1004319047_nWat in Vientianne

432179_10150662168653459_1561853100_n$20 in Kip = literal millionaire!

426999_10150662170173459_924651309_nVang Vieng – other than tubing

427984_10150662168378459_122880913_nRoadside menu en route to Luang Prabang

424433_10150662171063459_547237771_nMount Phusi Luang Prabang


Mount Phusi Luang Prabang


421679_10150662175233459_1004978730_nThe greatest thing I did in Loas was the Gibbon Experience hands down. You have to do it! None of this lame commercial version that they have going in Thailand – Chiang Mai you know what I mean. Zip lining for kilometres 30m up over unexplored rainforest flying with nothing but a couple of carabiners to swing off and a scooter tyre for a brake – not even a heavy bout of food poisoning could stop me from going. Just look at our overnight accommodation! A) it’s in a tree and B) you have to zipline to get there – this photo was taken mid zip! Totally open with a view of the biggest tree in Loas (!! the biggest!! my tree loving self was so thrilled) and you sleep under thick mosquito nets and can hear everything which included for us gibbons; it is the most peaceful feeling. The food was delicious – the water buffalo is the clear winner, and  locals take you were only local know through villages and the most beautiful hiking routes I’ve been on in a while. Only one unfortunate little prang when one of the girls put her tyre break on backwards.. nothing a few un-anaesthetised stitches and a do it yourself tetanus shot from the Hua Xai local hospital couldn’t handle!

419288_10150662174678459_1575454030_nAs if the above spiel wasn’t enough check out the view from the loo. Best I’ve had.


Seriously! Check me out!

426289_10150662174578459_681544806_nThis little guy was in a tiny little village just outside Luang Prabang. No one could tell me why he was chained up there but she seemed pretty happy, we played a few games of pretend to be asleep and now wake up again!


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