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This project was in conjunction with the Powerhouse Museum and asked us to pick an object from their collection and design a jewellery piece in response. This same brief was given to Jewellery Design students all over the country and the top picks will be in an exhibition held at the Powerhouse sometime later this year. I am so happy to say I was shortlisted! My pieces were designed in response to a didactic display of decorative naval knots, catalogued as H3943. I combined a lot of traditional knot making techniques with contemporary design –  aka I wove every bit of string on that neckpiece. So many finger ice baths. ​Researching for this project is really interesting – knots are very very symbolic representing relationships, strength, commitment and the bond shared by 2 people.

TP2Detail: Handwoven Bamboo Fiber, Driftwood and Silver Enamel.

TP3These are 2 supporting pieces for the main neckpiece. These neckpieces are made of driftwood, silver tubing and stainless steel wire and suspend naval imagery (rays/horizon and ladder) over the heart of the wearer.





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