The Monsoon

May 3, 2013 § Leave a comment


Though the photo doesn’t really show it, it really began to rain one lunch break.

Like really rain.

Technically we weren’t there in the wet season but it didn’t stop this from rolling in. After about 1 minute of absolute downpour I lost most of my hearing, and after 15 minutes you couldn’t see the ground. After 30 minutes the roads were rivers and after an hour and a half with no break, the water downstairs would have been close to my waist.. Not that the cows cared. And by the it way turns out chickens are great swimmers.



monsoon1About 20 minutes before class was about to re-start the rain stopped and the sun came back out. Another half an hour and the water abated enough that, if I stayed in the middle of the road on my bike, I could stay half dry. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t see any of the pot holes and so ended up saturated anyway and walking my bike to the orphanage. I’m not going to lie, as the water was so muddy and I couldn’t see my feet, I was having pretty vivid memories of the massive snake we saw in the orphanage driveway a few days ago swimming through the water – the one Sister Borin eloquently told me would ‘make me die’ if I got too close.

Even more unfortunate for Zoe, who was at on the other, lower side of town before the rain started, she was standard at the servo. Even her bike couldn’t get through the flooded town for another hour or so.

I know understand why the kids say they don’t go to school in the wet season.



As I was attempting to make my way back to the kids I noticed a lot of the locals coming outside, lining the streets and casting massive nets into the water on the road. They looked stoked but I had no idea what they were doing until I finally made it to the orphanage where all the kids were balancing on the fence on the look out for me. Charli Da jumped down and called out to me, ‘Teacher teacher! What’s this?’ Putting his hand straight into a puddle he pulled out a mud crab, no wonder everyone looked so happy.

After this, the word crab featured in nearly every single comprehension question Charli Da wrote.


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