Adventure to Cockatoo Island

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IMG_4142There were times during this project where I seriously doubted that I would ever finish it. And yet some how, miraculously, it came together.

Adventure to Cockatoo Island was my response to our Integrated Project brief and it seriously consumed my life for a semester. The idea of Integrated Project is to challenge the limits of design by incorporating 2 or more disciplines into a single project to solve a problem. The project needs to be accountable on every detail: target market applicable, universally accessible, a considered budget, sustainable, future viable and market ready. The problem we were presented with was the revitalisation of Cockatoo Island which is (if you haven’t heard of it) an island in Sydney Harbour that no one really visits. It’s heritage listed and served as a convict prison before a military dockyard. and now it’s open to the public.

Combining the disciplines of graphics and jewellery design I designed an interactive education activity guide for children based on the tagline concept of Discover. Explore. Learn. It has 2 main components – an Explorer Kit that the user purchases that guides the participant around the island. There’s a narrative guide book to follow and a viewfinder to give you a glimpse into the past among other things. And on a secondary level there is a ground graphic and signage wayfaring system that aids guidance and allows non-users to partake.


front cover








IMG_4155To really get what I’m going on about you can see the full project here.



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Flowers are right alongside trees in my list of loves and I love springtime when I can start to pick from my garden! Jasmine, Lavender and White Azaleas – Vase from Urban Outfitters. IMG_1977


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This project was in conjunction with the Powerhouse Museum and asked us to pick an object from their collection and design a jewellery piece in response. This same brief was given to Jewellery Design students all over the country and the top picks will be in an exhibition held at the Powerhouse sometime later this year. I am so happy to say I was shortlisted! My pieces were designed in response to a didactic display of decorative naval knots, catalogued as H3943. I combined a lot of traditional knot making techniques with contemporary design –  aka I wove every bit of string on that neckpiece. So many finger ice baths. ​Researching for this project is really interesting – knots are very very symbolic representing relationships, strength, commitment and the bond shared by 2 people.

TP2Detail: Handwoven Bamboo Fiber, Driftwood and Silver Enamel.

TP3These are 2 supporting pieces for the main neckpiece. These neckpieces are made of driftwood, silver tubing and stainless steel wire and suspend naval imagery (rays/horizon and ladder) over the heart of the wearer.




Evening Walks

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IMG_0688Dusk at Gordon’s Bay

P1010005Rock Formations at Lurline Bay (between Coogee and Maroubra)

P1010008Colours at Lurline

IMG_0698Rock Pools at Lurline






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Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 7.43.57 PM

And I’m launched! I would love your support – check out my portfolio here!

The Pin Up Parlour

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7423685858_87d2550fd6_bAround July last year I was lucky enough to be asked to exhibit with the Pinup Parlor. The Pinup Parlor is a Sydney run event night that features a small curated art exhibition and a show, featuring cabaret, comedy, circus and classic burlesque. I even got my first mention in a review!





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IMG_1945Over the last few years it has become a tradition that I visit the beach on my birthday. My 23rd was no exception – even if it was only for 10 minutes or so.